[TxMt] LaTeX Bundle question

Geoff Vallis gkv at Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 6 20:37:49 UTC 2008

>> The pdfsync commands rely on the applescript capability of the  
>> viewers like Skim.  I don't think that is going to be possible with  
>> xdvi.
> That, and the inclusion of the package pdfsync, so that the pdf  
> contains pointers to the original lines.
> So I don't think you'll have much luck trying to get something like  
> that to work with xdvi.

No - two-way syncing does work properly with xdvi, and in fact did so  
for a long time before pdfsync. The required information is embedded  
in the dvi file, and, for example, both BBEdit and emacs are able to  
easily synchronize both ways with xdvi. You just need to call xdvi  
with the line number and file names as arguments (i.e., xdvi - 
sourceposition lineno$texfile $dvifile), and xdvi goes to the right  
page with a marker at the appropriate location. And if you set the  
'XEDITOR' environment to 'mate -line %l %f' then clicking on xdvi  
takes you to the right line in TextMate.

> If the processing time of pdflatex is the issue for you, then I'd  
> suggest you cut up your source file into pieces, and run it on the  
> pieces.

Thats a fair enough point. It is just that recently I've been working  
on a very long document that doesn't split conveniently into chunks  
less than 50 pages, more in places, and it needs to be repeatedly  
typeset because I make lots of errors when typing math equations (duh).

But perhaps more than that, it does seem that one _should_ be able to  
make syncing work between TextMate and xdvi, given TextMate's vaunted  
flexibility and power....   Perhaps someone can point me to the code  
that enables syncing from TextMate to Skim, and tell me what it means,  
and I can try to hack it to work with xdvi?


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