[TxMt] Can't create new files

Marcus nospam at aletes.se
Wed Dec 31 13:44:25 UTC 2008


I recently did a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.5.6, downloaded TextMate  
1.5.7 (r1436) from macromates.com and activated it with my serial  
number. It's odd, but there are some things that doesn't work.

1. It can't create new files from templates. Nothing simply happens  
when I try.
2. When I have open a folder I can't create new files in that folder  
from TextMate, I can however create new subfolders.

Console shows no output. I have tried the standard troubleshooting  
including reinstalling the application bundle, removing the preference  
file and zapping the PRAM. It didn't help.

Does anyone have an idea of what this could be?


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