[TxMt] Re: LaTeX problems after updating to 1.5.8

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Tue Dec 9 07:48:51 UTC 2008

Am 09.12.2008 um 02:57 schrieb Brad Miller:

> I've got an idea that this is probably related to a change in how  
> the current document is saved before latex is run.
> Alex/Allan....  Does TextMate.save_current_document ignore the TM  
> preference for what encoding to use when saving a file?  I can't  
> find any evidence in the source that it is checking for a specific  
> encoding preference but I'm not too familiar with that code.
> Brad

An evidence for your idea is that my project consists of more than 20  
files, and if there would be a general coding problem, than the error  
should occur in every of these documents. But the error is only  
related to the master document and to the document that is open AND in  
which i start the typesetting command. I have to close all documents  
of my project after saving with "save as" in latin1 and replace the  
old one.

For typesetting, I have a document with only one letter in my project,  
which is not included in my Master file. But without this, it would  
not be possible to run "CMD-R".

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