[TxMt] Re: trouble with ui.rb

simon at helvector.org simon at helvector.org
Tue Dec 2 13:51:24 UTC 2008

This looks to me as though you've made local changes to ui.rb and when you
updated svn placed the file in a conficted state. You need to resolve the
conflicts or go with the most recent revision in the repository.


> I already sent this message but publication is delayed
> for some reason - excuses in advance if the post will be repeated
> After updating the Support folder, I am getting
> error messages in some of my routines which
> use ui.rb. But the errors seem produced by the
> lines in ui.rb like
> <<<<<<< .mine
> and
> =======
> and similar ones. Strange thing, it seems like the errors
> are not related to my routines: a typical example:
> /tmp/temp_textmate.LJOoCE:4:in `require': /Library/Application
> Support/TextMate/Support/lib/ui.rb:92: syntax error, unexpected tLSHFT,
> expecting kEND
> (SyntaxError)
> <<<<<<< .mine
>   ^
> Any help appreciated
> Piero

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