[TxMt] Re: tm_dialog: How to catch the window's close button?

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Thu Aug 14 13:50:03 UTC 2008

On 13 Aug 2008, at 18:32, Trevor Squires wrote:
> I'm not in a position to try this myself right now (so I have no idea
> whether it'll work at all) but have you tried binding the window's
> 'Visible' property to something in params?

> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:17 AM, Hans-Joerg Bibiko  
> <bibiko at eva.mpg.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> if I'm using tm_dialog showing a NIB with enabled close button (red
>> button), how can a script controlling the NIB be notified about that
>> event?

I believe I got rid of it. If one closes the NIB window by pressing  
the red close button the command:
"$DIALOG" window wait $token
returns an empty plist which the script can detect.


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