[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2, I give it up

Dana Kashubeck dana.kashubeck at riemer.com
Thu Aug 7 10:48:35 UTC 2008

I, too, use TextMate on a daily basis.  Yes, there are only a few  
features that are missing (split views is my #1, too).

The issue for me isn't cost, but promises.  I know that Allan got  
quite fed up with all of the questions regarding version 2 and when it  
was going to be out.  I know that he made an announcement that  
basically said, "Don't ask.  Just trust me, I'm working on it."  That  
was enough for me; I can totally understand because I field very  
similar requests on a daily basis.

But, with the next version of OS X coming up and no Leopard-only TM2  
on the horizon, I'm beginning to wonder.

Someone else mentioned managing expectations and I think that is the  
key.  Manage our expectations.  If TM2 is still a year away, just tell  
us.  We're not going to stop using our favorite tool.  If TM2 is in  
the works and just around the corner, let us know that, too.  I don't  
think anyone is asking for a beta tomorrow; we'd just like to know  
that it is still coming.
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