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Brad Hutchins oshybrid at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 07:14:39 UTC 2008

Well said. A lot of people complain about apple not realeasing OS X  
out to a general X86 platform. But people don't stop and think that a  
good portion of OS X's stability comes from the fact that it is  
written with only specific hardware in mind. If it was put out for you  
to load on your of you would see stabity isues arise. And the driver  
support would be a nightmare for the first couple of years. Oh yes,  
and since apple would not be selling hardware. The price of OS X would  
jump from 129.00 to at least 300.00 if not more. So when Steve Jobs  
gets up and makes fun of all the different costs of the Vista packages  
and said that os x is only 129.00 in comparison keep in mind MS is not  
selling hardware. And which version of windows is the most stable and  
crashes least? Not the server os. But the varient of windows that runs  
on both xbox platforms. Why? Because tv os is coded to specific  
unchanging HW. But yes macs are better then the alternatives. But  
there is trade off, propritary hardware. It a ballancing act. Make  
your choice. Linux? If you make a system with the right hardware yeah  
it's solid. But you have to keep a close eye on the HCL and hope you  
pick the right ones for the flavor of Linux you choose. Ubunto is a  
fair exception, but this is mostly do to the community support and the  
fact that the developer sank 50 million of his own cash into the  
project. TM is still a better choice. Unless you get one of the  
eclipse based IDE or editors because of it's community help.

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On Aug 6, 2008, at 9:19 PM, David Zhou <david at nodnod.net> wrote:

> On Aug 6, 2008, at 11:21 PM, Nick wrote:
>> It's kind of funny to me that my two favorite programs by far
>> (textmate and quicksilver) have a completely unknown development
>> schedule (although quicksilver's is now dead :[ ). oh well! Theyre
>> both kind of like os x - you can't complain very legitimately about
>> their faults because they're just so much better than the
>> alternatives.
> Sure you can.  Mac OS X users traditionally complain loudly about
> faults and grievances they find with OS X.  You'll rarely find a more
> critical bunch than aggrieved Mac users.  That a piece of software is
> good does not make it impervious to criticism.
> Someone else brought up MacVim, and it's an interesting point.  For a
> long time, I used Textmate exclusively.  But now, I only use Textmate
> around 50% of the time -- the other half taken up by MacVim, when I
> need split panes, remote editing, or an editor that will not choke on
> large text files.
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