[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2, I give it up

R e m b e r t O l d e n b o o m rembert at floating-point.nl
Thu Aug 7 10:28:38 UTC 2008

Health is far more important than money of course.
But, with the huge userbase of TM, people willing to pay for an upgrade to
TM2 or at least some added features (I've some too), would it be an idea for
you to hire someone else to ease the workload a bit? I know from experience
it's very difficult to get someone else involved. After all, it's your
program, you've invensted so much time in it. It's almost your child. But
children grow up, become teenager and eventually even adults. This is the
line software generally follows as well. What's the moment to distantiate a
bit from that child / software? Well, if health issues start to influence
the health of the product, it's becoming time to find solutions to keep the
software ahead of the competition.

One way is to get other programmers to do work for you. You probably have
skilled friends who can be of service here. I'd guess you'll find enough
people here willing to pay in advance.

Anyway, stopping the development because of health issues is understandable
from a personal point of view and should be respected IMO. But it does
interfere with the TM software development itself and it does interfere with
everyone using TM every day, like me. If one day another editor does fulfill
my wishes better than TM I'd hesistate not a moment and just move over to
the other program - my work also has to continue and if I can do it a bit
quicker, it's probably worth the investmen. I don't mind if the costs are
$10 or $100.
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