[TxMt] Re: LaTeX Bundle and Terminal

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 05:24:55 UTC 2008

On 02/08/2008, at 4:18 AM, Brad Miller wrote:

> I think I might be able to get what you want to work by detecting  
> the error and the prompt and then using dialog to get a response.  I  
> know I can create two way communication with another process....
> I didn't ever think to do it before because I never run in  
> interactive mode.

It's funny when people do things in completely the opposite way than  
you :)
Here's the full list of actions that can be taken:

'h' - try to supply further error information

<return> - ignore this error and continue

'i'<arbitrary text> - ignore this error and insert <arbitrary text> at  
this point in the processing (e.g., if you misspell a macro name you  
can correct it here)

's' -  as with <return> but ignoring all subsequent errors, showing  
error messages but stopping for user interaction ("enter file name"  
for example)
'r' -  as with 's' ignore all errors and continue, showing errors  
without stopping for user interaction
'q' - as with 'r' but without printing console output

'x' - abort immediately
'e' - abort immediately and open the editor (you can ignore this one)


'x' of course produces no output (i.e., no PDF). The 'r' and 'q'  
options will generally produce a PDF but if they run into an  
"Emergency Stop" (like if a file that doesn't exist is tried to be  
\input) then the PDF will be truncated to the last page that completed  

(I've always thought a "clever" wrapper to 'i' could allow you to do  
things like "insert <arbitrary text> for this error and all identical  
subsequent errors" and even "use <arbitrary text> in a replacement  
rule to modify the input file to correspond to the correction".)

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