[TxMt] R, Sweave, markdown

baptiste auguie bapt_4510 at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 29 13:59:07 UTC 2008

Hi again,

I'm not very familiar with Sweave, but I was under the impression that the principle of it –– actually, as a special case of noweb files ––, would allow one to define new drivers without worrying about the parsing. There is a LaTeX one, an HTML one, and I think an OpenOffice thing one. 
I think the function Rtangle would extract and execute the R chunks in any source file, it it then a matter of integrating the output to the Markdown syntax.

Maybe this is actually more a question to ask on the R-mailing list.



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> Objet: Re: [TxMt] R, Sweave, markdown
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> Date: Lundi 28 Avril 2008, 3h53
> In principal it won't be such a big deal to write such a
> parser. But  
> the problems will appear in the details. One has to create
> a kind of  
> meta syntax - processing statements - for all these R
> chunks. E.g.
> @RCODE quiet@
> a <- matrix(c(1,2,3,4,5,6), nrow=2 byrow=T)
> @/RCODE@
> foo foo
> @RCODE insertAsTable noCommandLine@
> print(a*2)
> @/RCODE@
> etc.
> But this would be mean to reinvent the wheel twice in some
> sense.  
> Markdown to LaText and Sweave for LaTeX works fine.
> On the other hand I use quite often the R bundle command
> 'Execute  
> Selection/Document in R and' > 'Insert
> Result' for such things.
> Of course, to have such a pre-parser for expanding R code
> chunks and  
> insert the result depending on the current language (HTML,
> LaTeX,  
> Markdown, Plain Text) would be nice.
> --Hans

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