[TxMt] Re: Using BibDesk search with cite in TextMate

Christian maillists at gmx.de
Sun Apr 27 05:37:48 UTC 2008

Am 25.04.2008 um 04:53 schrieb Paul Hagstrom:

> Christian <maillists at ...> writes:
>> Hello,
>> Somewhere I saw a video where after a cite command and some initial
>> characters ( \cite{con}) a BibDesk search is invoked to make the  
>> right
>> selection for publication.
>> How is this BibDesk-Search and Completion used within TextMate?
> Yes, I was just trying out TextMate for LaTeX today and wondered  
> about that.
> After some hunting around,  I discovered that it is just not one of  
> the menu
> items that is enabled by default.
> Go to the Bundle editor (Bundles->Bundle Editor->Show Bundle  
> Editor), and
> click on the Latex bundle.  You'll see the BibDesk Completion item  
> in the
> Excluded items list. Just drag it over into the left pane wherever  
> you want
> to see it in the Latex bundle menus, and close the bundle editor.  
> After that,
> when you pull up the Latex bundle with the bundle gear, you'll have  
> that
> option.
> To assign a keystroke to it, select the Latex bundle in the Bundle  
> Editor, turn
> down the disclosure arrow, find the BibDesk completion item in the  
> list,
> select it, and add an activation keystroke.

Thanks for the explanation Paul. I got it to work.


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