[TxMt] feature request: status or progress indicator for 'find in project'

Till Backhaus backhaus at 2myscreen.com
Sun Apr 20 18:12:53 UTC 2008

Hi there,

the title already says it all: What i'd love to have is a status  
indicator ('searching...') or a progress indictator ( 'x% of project  
files searched') in the 'find in project'-window. I use it often on a  
project of some thousand files on a network volume. Searching the  
project always takes a few seconds (i'm cool with that) and i always  
wonder whether textmate is already working or not because it doesn't  
provide _any_ immediate feedback.

Till Backhaus

Till Backhaus
mail: till at backha.us
blog: http://till.backha.us

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