[TxMt] Extreme slowness on files with long lines / no carriage returns

Ian Kershaw ian.kershaw at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 19:31:49 UTC 2008


I've done a basic search on Google but can't find anything specific about a
problem I'm having with Textmate, namely handling large textfiles or
textfiles with long lines.

It's driving me nuts. I'm having to deal with XML and HTML files which have
been 'compacted' so there are no carriage returns / line feeds and I want to
tidy them up in TextMate so I can make then human readable but TextMate just
takes forever to load the files. TextPad on the PC has no problems, but I
didn't switch to Mac for my Windows colleagues to point and laugh! :) Seems
like a basic capability of text editor that TextMate just can't deal with.

Had this been noted before? Is there a fix in the pipeline?


Ian Kershaw

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