[TxMt] Documentation of osx/plist.bundle -- and in general

Daniel Sadilek d.sadilek at gmx.net
Sun Apr 13 15:26:39 UTC 2008

Hello everybody,

as nobody answered my question regarding "Configuring syntax  
highlighting programmatically", I suppose there is no easy/standard  
way to programmatically configure syntax highlighting. Therefore, I  
will try to modify the syntax highlighting file and the current theme  
file programmatically and then tell TextMate to reload them. While  
searching how to do this, I found OSX::PropertyList.load to read  
property lists and after asking google I also found that there is a  
function OSX::PropertyList.dump. However, finding this information was  
more or less fortune.
Is there a central place where I can search for TextMate documentation  
for bundle developers? How was I supposed to find out about  

Best regards
Daniel Sadilek

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