[TxMt] tm_interactive_input question

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Thu Apr 10 14:50:48 UTC 2008

> As I mentioned, I would need a tiny modification: Instead of showing  
> a dialog it would be nice to have only a trigger/file/signal  
> indicating whether the process wants to read something. Then, e.g.,  
> I could simplify the synchronization between Rdaemon and TM. If the  
> process (Rdaemon) wants to read something tm_interactive_input will  
> write a file let's say 'read.status'. In TM I could run a while loop  
> checking the existence of that file. If it exists TM knows that the  
> process finished its task. Then TM could delete that file and do  
> other things. While writing this it seems to me that this could be  
> implemented actually quite easy.

OK. I changed the code of tm_interactive_input for it and in principal  
it works perfectly ;)
It was really quite simple caused by the clean structured source code!

Now I have an other problem.

I call R spawned by using this
R < in_pipe > out.txt

Fine. But if R outputs a huge text chunk tm_interactive_input gives me  
a signal that R wants to read something, but there're still data in  
the pipe to out.txt. It takes time to flush the pipe out.txt to disk.

Is there a way to ask the pipe whether it finished writing?



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