[TxMt] Problems with Textmate and Skim for LaTeX previewing

Toby Gee toby.gee at ic.ac.uk
Fri Sep 28 22:46:39 UTC 2007


I have a first generation Intel Mac, and I never managed to get  
pdfsync to work with Textmate and PDFView. I've now updated to Skim  
and the latest Textmate, and the situation has got worse! Now if I re- 
TeX a document, I'm taken to Skim, but I don't see the latest version  
of the document; the only way for me to see this is to close the  
window in Skim, and then click "View in Skim" in the Typeset & View  
window. pdfsync takes to me Skim, but not to the current position,  
and pdfsync from Skim does nothing. Any ideas?



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