[TxMt] Context menu: Help me get my mind around this...

pixpop neil.baylis at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 18:18:35 UTC 2007

I'm attempting to use TM for my most common development tasks, but haven't
got my head around it yet. Can someone point me at the right place to find
documentation about the following:

Task 1:  I work on a code base of about 50,000 lines of ordinary C code,
spread over about 30 files. Most of what I do is cut, paste, search, make. I
want to add some functions to the context menu. First, I want a function
that would take me to the definition of the item under the cursor. E.g., if
it's a function, open a window containing the prototype, or otherwise show
me the prototype. If it's a constant, take me to the header file where it's
defined. Second, I want a function that will find references to the symbol
under the cursor. I don't want it to find definitions or comments, just any
chunk of code that actually uses the symbol. This would be some variant of
the 'Use Selection For find', but as a context menu item.

Task 2: I want to add an item to the context menu that will do the
following: save any dirty files, then run the makefile of the project. If
there are any errors, take me to the place in the source file that contains
the first error. This would be something like the Command-B, but as a
context menu item. Also, when I tried using Command-B, it attempted to build
the code using Xcode. I just want it to run the makefile in a shell and show
me the errors. I would also want to 
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