[TxMt] Velocity Bundle for Textmate

Tom Armitage tom.armitage at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 11:07:59 UTC 2007

So, a long while ago, I mentioned I was working on a Velocity bundle
for use with Textmate (and e, etc). We've been using a version of this
internally at work, and it served our purposes reasonably well.

Having read James Edward Gray's superb book, I decided to rewrite the
bundle from scratch. The initial language grammar was very much a
reverse-engineering job based on other grammars. This time around, I
started from scratch, and based my grammar on JEG's tips and on the
Velocity documentation (which served as a useful spec and test suite).

An initial public release of the bundle is available here:


and you can get the bundle itself thus:

svn checkout http://txm-vtl-bundle.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


I'd be really interested in feedback, fixes, and patches. Do use the
GoogleCode issue tracker, and do submit diff files. I'm particularly
interested in more snippets - I've literally put in the basic stuff we
use (and nothing specific to our templating) - but am aware many
people use Velocity in different manners. Also, if anyone wants to
produce grammars for Velocity-XML (or whatever), based upon the
Velocity-HTML grammar, feel free.

Sorry it took so long to make public. I hope people find it useful,
and that we can improve it together - and at some point get it into
the official repository (if you're around, Allan...)

All the best,


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