[TxMt] File highlighting in project drawer on file switch

Ed Wong wonge at rogers.com
Mon Nov 26 00:34:48 UTC 2007

I was wondering if there's a way to turn off this feature or at least to
delay it.

Currently when a file is in scope, its file name is selected in the Project
Drawer and file listing scrolls to make the file name visible. This is
usually a good feature.

On occasion though this is more disruptive than helpful. It would be nice if
there was a way to keep the current view of the file list in the Project
Drawer stay in place and not jump back and forth right away when we open or
close files. I often scroll away from the current file location to open
files in another area but when I close the file, the view will jump back to
the and then I have to scroll again to section I'm interested in.

What I think would be nice is if there can be a short delay in auto
selecting the file name in the list once a file is closed. The way we can
still select from the view that's currently available but after a few
seconds it can jump to the file that is currently being edited.

Ed Wong

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