[TxMt] Subversion bundle problem

Allan Odgaard throw-away-2 at macromates.com
Sat Nov 17 17:55:44 UTC 2007

On 17 Nov 2007, at 17:54, Matt Brandt wrote:

> [...]
> starts with a ESPIPE which, I would think,  indicates that something  
> is disconnecting from the other side of a pipe before the parser is  
> done. I don't really know enough about the flow of data here though  
> to debug...

If you look in the Subversion bundle the format_log_xml.rb script is  
called by this line:

    "$TM_SVN" log --xml $LIMIT -vr "$TM_SVN_LOG_RANGE" \
    "$TM_FILEPATH" 2>&1 | "$TM_RUBY" -- "$FORMAT_LOG"

With no variable set, the default values for the above should become:

    svn log --xml --limit 15 -vr HEAD:1 \
    «file» 2>&1 | ruby -- "${TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT}/format_log_xml.rb"

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