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Thu Nov 15 17:39:32 UTC 2007

[I'm reposting for a third time, since I wasn't subscribed at first, then I
reposted as a subscriber, then deleted my *accepted* post. N00b. :confused:]

I created a bundle command to open a file from a repository directory, based
on the selected text. It was put in the Text bundle, with no particular

Here's my current (working) command.

open "file:///path/to/repository/volume/$TM_SELECTED_TEXT.pdf"

This will open the PDF file with the selected filename. (I use open since I
want to see the PDF in Acrobat, not TextMate.)

However, now there's arbitrary (unknown) text attached to the filename, so I
want to use a wildcard in this command.

I got a suggestion to use an unquoted * as a wildcard. But if AAAA is
selected, this command:

open "file:///path/to/repository/$TM_SELECTED_TEXT"*

will open a file in Textmate named AAAA*, which is not what I want: I want
AAAA.pdf and AAAA-morestuff.pdf to open.

Any help is appreciated.



[I originally had this question attached as a comment to a TextMate blog
entry, where Allen Odegaard posted the * wildcard suggestion, but it didn't
work in this context.]

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