[TxMt] GTDAlt problem: some contexts 'stick' in the Current Actions window

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 12:01:17 UTC 2007

Hi Bruno,

	I'm really excited that there are many people finding GTDAlt useful,  
it means I will try my best to find some time to smooth out these  
difficulties. The problem you are having sounds like a javascript  
problem, hence possibly related to a new webkit/new safari. Try the  
following: Change the output of the command from HTML to new  
document. This would give you a (rather large I gather) HTML file.  
Save this file, and try to open it with various browsers. At least  
this will tell us if the problem is a webkit problem or not. (Note,  
that trying to mark actions as completed while in this setting, i.e.  
in the browser, will definitely not work, but the sorting etc should  
work just fine).

Can you change the sort order by clicking on the column headers?

Are you on Leopard or Tiger?

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

On Nov 14, 2007, at 6:13 AM, Bruno wrote:

> Hi.
> GTDAlt has acquired an odd behaviour. I don't know why - it may be  
> related to an install of the Safari 3 beta. Regardless, I haven't  
> been able to debug, and would really appreciate any help.
> I choose 'Current Actions' and get my big list. I click 'none' for  
> contexts, to clear the board and ready to select only one or two  
> contexts. The checkboxes for the contexts ripple off, and the  
> actions disappear -- until we get half-way down, when the actions  
> don't move. Toggling the context checkboxes does nothing. I'm stuck  
> with about half my actions permanently visible.
> Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? Even better, can anyone  
> help? Like the previous poster, I've grown very attached to GTDAlt,  
> and this is the core piece of functionality.
> Bruno

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