[TxMt] GTDAlt problem: some contexts 'stick' in the Current Actions window

Bruno mail at hinterland.nu
Wed Nov 14 11:13:59 UTC 2007


GTDAlt has acquired an odd behaviour. I don't know why - it may be 
related to an install of the Safari 3 beta. Regardless, I haven't been 
able to debug, and would really appreciate any help.

I choose 'Current Actions' and get my big list. I click 'none' for 
contexts, to clear the board and ready to select only one or two 
contexts. The checkboxes for the contexts ripple off, and the actions 
disappear -- until we get half-way down, when the actions don't move. 
Toggling the context checkboxes does nothing. I'm stuck with about half 
my actions permanently visible.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? Even better, can anyone 
help? Like the previous poster, I've grown very attached to GTDAlt, and 
this is the core piece of functionality.


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