[TxMt] Re: Fwd: Latex Bundle Useability (and patch)

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 07:17:12 UTC 2007

Brad Miller wrote:
> As long as we are discussing this program, I've been thinking for some 
> time now that I could speed up day to day use of this command 
> drastically by pickling the dictionaries created when I manually crawl 
> the latex hierarchy.  Given that most people don't update their tex 
> installation all that frequently  I think this would be a real win.  The 
> question becomes when to go back and recrawl?
> * After some number of days?
> * Provide a command to rebuild the index manually?
> * Look for some other marker in the tex heirarchy that indicates that 
> LaTeX has been updated...  Is there a file or a kpse sort of command 
> that would give me an installation last updated date?
> Other ideas or comments welcome...

What about using that FSEvents stuff in Leopard? (e.g. from PyObjC)


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