[TxMt] Fwd: Latex Bundle Useability (and patch)

Jonas Müller muellerj at gmx.de
Tue Nov 6 12:25:52 UTC 2007

> Sorry to describe the changes I made rather than giving a bunch of  
> patches but the normal bundle development model just won't work for  
> me.  I change a bunch of stuff for my personal use (like some of the  
> hacks above) so I need to keep the ~/Library/Application Support/ 
> Textmate directory for my own personal modifications.  If someone  
> could tell me an easy way to produce a diff of the changes I've made  
> here with the actual bundle maybe I could be more helpful.
> Anyway thanks to the author(s) of the latex bundle for all the work  
> they've put in so far.  Hopefully this was helpful an not just  
> useless bitching.
> Peter

I don't know if this has been addressed already, but I have another  
two concern since I last updated my bundles:

1) Inside a non-maths scope, adding an underscore still produces "_{}"  
rather than just "_". For example:


adding "_" with the caret after "resonance" produces


which pdflatex doesn't seem to like very much. The same is true for  
captions, sections, subsection, ... Would it be possible to change the  
scope of the "_" command to math only?

2) A similar issue arises when I add powers in math mode using "^".  
This correctly produces "^{}" and places the caret inside the  
brackets. Pressing _any_ key now however adds another iteration of the  
command, like so: "^{^{}}". I am using a German keyboard, so to get a  
"^", I have to press the key above tab and then hit space. This might  
be related to the problem I have.


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