[TxMt] Textmate and spaces?

Geoff Beier geoff at mollyandgeoff.com
Sat Nov 3 12:25:39 UTC 2007

On 11/3/07, Tony Crockford <tonyc at boldfish.co.uk> wrote:
> exactly how are you judging inaccessible?

[explanation of exactly the behavior I'm expecting when things work snipped...]

> what happens to you?

On more than one occasion, I've been browsing the web in space 1, used
control-down to go to space 3, opened a few files in TM, used
control-right to go to space 4, looked at some email, used
control-left to go back to space 3 and seen none of the TM windows. If
I click its icon in the dock, the TM menubar does appear. Looking in
the window menu, I can see that it still "knows" about my open files.
Selecting one of the windows in the window menu does nothing. Going to
spaces' preferences and unticking "Enable Spaces" brings them all

Though this has happened several times, I can't reproduce it at will
and it does not always happen.


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