[TxMt] Textmate and spaces?

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sat Nov 3 07:18:28 UTC 2007

On 3 Nov 2007, at 03:52, Geoff Beier wrote:

>> From a quick look at the archives, it looks like at least a few  
>> people on
> this list have been using Textmate on Leopard... has anyone had  
> trouble with
> spaces? I've noticed that sometimes when I have textmate windows on  
> spaces
> other than space 1, all the windows will become inaccessible. The  
> only way I
> can make them work again is to disable spaces. This is especially  
> pronounced
> if I launch textmate from another space. Has anyone noticed this or  
> found a
> work-around?

exactly how are you judging inaccessible?

I just opened a new project in each of spaces 2,3 and 4

each click on the TextMate icon in the dock moves me to the next space  
with TM in, e.g. I move between spaces 2 3 and 4

all instances of TM are live and accessible.

if I move all instances into one space I can use command+` to move  
between instances. (but not when they are in a space of their own)

This seems to be normal, as, in other applications too,  I can move  
between windows in different spaces with the ctrl+ arrow keys or the  
application dock icon, but not the command+` shortcut.

what happens to you?


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