[TxMt] Re: RubyCocoa Bundle - Sending application's output to HTML

Benjamin Jackson ben at incomumdesign.com
Thu May 31 19:17:14 UTC 2007

> are you trying to launch rubycocoa applications and display output  
> or are you trying to run a rubycocoa application within the  
> textmate process?
> if the former, does the xcode bundle not work? i thought it just  
> used the xcodebuild tool which should works for rubycocoa  
> applications as well.
> if the latter, i think you'll need to initialize rubycocoa from  
> within textmate and also load/run rubycocoa scripts inside textmate  
> (otherwise you won't be able to interact with the window server). i  
> wrote a plugin to do this (i wanted to write a bundle which could  
> offer commands that made use of rubycocoa) but stalled at the point  
> of creating a RubyCocoaMate or tweaked RubyMate to handle and  
> present output.
> cheers,
> jean-pierre

The former. I'd use the xcode bundle but I wanted to use Rake to  
develop a more generalized build language instead of worrying about  
binary XCode projects.

any ideas? I'm happy to work with you on this. take care,


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