[TxMt] Caps Lock as Ctrl key doesn't work for all combos

Jon Larkowski jonlarkowski at gmail.com
Wed May 30 03:57:20 UTC 2007

I've mapped my Caps Lock key to act as the Ctrl key (in Keyboard &  
Mouse preferences > Modifier Keys...).  Problem is, not all TextMate  
combos work with this.

[Hear me now, believe me later.  I had an old Sun keyboard that was  
laid out this way, and it's the only way to fly.  Especially on the  
MacBook Pro where the normal Ctrl key is quite inconvenient to hit.]

For example:  Paste From History Ctrl-Option-Command-V.  Works fine  
with normal Ctrl key, but does not work with Caps Lock used as Ctrl.

Another example:  Select Bundle Item... Ctrl-Command-T works fine  
both ways, however.

Perhaps there's something deep in TextMate's key processing code  
that's only looking directly at the Ctrl key, and not seeing the  
system-remapped Caps Lock key?

Thanks for your attention!


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