[TxMt] new shirt ideas/slogans

Guy guy at britewhite.net
Mon May 28 14:26:01 UTC 2007

yeah me too..

just have the Textmate logo in the middle  at the front with the 
shortcut... and the answer on the back.


--On May 28, 2007 15:05:10 +0100 Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net> wrote:

> On 28 May 2007, at 15:01, Jay Soffian wrote:
>> This got me thinking. The point of snippets is to save typing. So
>> the above should really be tm⇥.
>> But then it occurred to me. The snippet should be added to the
>> TextMate bundle. Then put the trigger on the t-shirt. Something like:
>> nyfe⇥
>> If someone asks you what the heck that means, tell them they need
>> to type it into TextMate to find out. Kinda like a secret-
>> handshake. :-)
> I like this idea very much.

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