[TxMt] LaTeX - Insert Label Based On Current Word

Daniel Sönnerstedt daniel.sonnerstedt at gmail.com
Sun May 27 10:40:26 UTC 2007

LaTeX - Insert Label Based On Current Word

I didn't get this feature to work on my project. I experimented a bit
and it seemed like the script was having troubles dealing with


but not with


I use this since I have filenames with spaces. So I skimmed through
the code and added a small fix in LaTeXUtils.rb:

    def find_file(filename, extension, relative)


    def find_file(filename, extension, relative)
      filename.gsub!(/\"/,"")                          # Added this to strip ":s

And now it works!

Now, I'm not a ruby programmer so there's is probably some better way
to solve this. But I think that this fix should benifit others;
perhaps implemented in a more proper way though.

Thanks for another great LaTeX-bundle-feature.

Daniel Sönnerstedt

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