[TxMt] new shirt ideas/slogans

Dana Kashubeck dana.kashubeck at riemer.com
Wed May 23 01:04:55 UTC 2007

On 5/21/07 8:25 PM, Tim Mansour wrote:
> "I Mate Therefore I Am"
Well, so far this is my favorite.  Although the one about the only mate 
that will keep you up all night is a really close second.

> ... although I do like the Chuck Norris one, and I don't like the 
> anti-BBEdit ones.

> Having said my piece, I would like someone to tell me: what is it with 
> Americans' obsession with T-shirts?
I can't speak for the guys, but as a girl I find them to be all-purpose:

- Comfortable day-wear
- PJs -- no bottom needed
- When worn out they make a great dust-cloth
- Can make a diaper in a pinch (been there, done that)
- Worn correctly, the baby-doll T's will get you free drinks without 
being too revealing ;)

All this and I get to be opinionated!  What more do you need to know?

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