[TxMt] Flex 2 Bundle

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Tue May 15 12:01:45 UTC 2007

On 15. May 2007, at 11:35, Simon Gregory wrote:

> [...] there's a lot of ways to invoke mxmlc/compc. Ideally I'd like  
> to see just one build and one run command in the
> ActionScript 3 bundle but don't want to impose a particular method.  
> Currently there is:
> mxmlc
> Ant
> fsch (A wrapper for mxmlc which caches the build in RAM and  
> dramatically speeds up compilation - on my current project
> mxmlc takes 20+ seconds, with fsch this comes down to 4-5 seconds)
> Shell - project specific custom file.
> I'd imagine that we could quickly add rake and yaml to the equation  
> too. [...]

Rake and Ant are general build systems and should have their own  
bundles, like we have one for Makefiles and another one for Xcode  
project files.

I know Java presently has an Ant build command and Ruby has the Rake  
build, but if the build systems are used for other source types, we  
should factor it out, rather than duplicate.

In 2.0 TM it will be possible to have some extra project attributes  
in the scope, making it possible for TM to figure out (via scope  
selectors) what build system should actually get the ⌘B/⌘R key  
equivalent -- for now though, it shouldn’t be too big a problem for  
a user to maybe change the scope selector of Make’s Build command to  
include his file types.

> Does anyone have any suggestions of a way to handle this? Would it  
> be best to add the various build methods as templates then check  
> for custom build scrips within a TM project before defaulting to a  
> basic build? Are there any other bundle developers who've solved a  
> similar problem?

I think what Thomas proposes is the proper scheme, i.e. have one  
command that first tries fsch, then falls back on mxmlc.

I am not sure what the custom shell script covers. Is there a de  
facto standard for having custom shell scripts to build the project?

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