[TxMt] Flex 2 Bundle

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Tue May 15 09:35:24 UTC 2007

>I've been playing with the flex bundles for a while now.  It looks like there are lots of different ways of building Flex at this 
point.  I've been using rake: 

Yes, there's a lot of ways to invoke mxmlc/compc. Ideally I'd like to see just one build and one run command in the 
ActionScript 3 bundle but don't want to impose a particular method. Currently there is:

fsch (A wrapper for mxmlc which caches the build in RAM and dramatically speeds up compilation - on my current project 
mxmlc takes 20+ seconds, with fsch this comes down to 4-5 seconds)
Shell - project specific custom file.

I'd imagine that we could quickly add rake and yaml to the equation too. Does anyone have any suggestions of a way to handle 
this? Would it be best to add the various build methods as templates then check for custom build scrips within a TM project 
before defaulting to a basic build? Are there any other bundle developers who've solved a similar problem?


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