[TxMt] Symbol window on 2nd screen

Jasper van der Meulen jasper at logt.nu
Mon May 14 12:25:23 UTC 2007

On May 11, 2007, at 11:11 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 10. May 2007, at 16:06, Jasper van der Meulen wrote:
>> I'm every so often on another location where i work on two screen's.
>> The only thing i always need to adjust once is to drag the symbol  
>> window to the screen where the main textmate window is.\
>> Is there a config thing i can set, or is it a feature for TM2 ?
>> ps: the other windows (goto file, bundle editor, etc) also come in  
>> the wrong screen
> So all these windows open on the screen which does *not* have the  
> currently active window?
I've opened Textmate on the external screen and made it fullscreen  
and active.
The windows(from textmate) open on my internal display (laptop screen)
Or do you mean "other windows from other programs?
> They should, by default, open at the screen with the active window.  
> But they will also remember window position.
> Is your setup that you have a laptop, and often work on just this  
> laptop, then sometimes, you connect a secondary screen, drag the  
> TextMate window to the secondary screen, and now need to do the  
> same for all the other windows? If so, it is likely because they  
> remember their position, and re-use them.
Yes, that's the case .. for 70% i work at my laptop and the rest on  
an external screen
> Maybe this can be fixed by going to the system preferences and  
> configure the external screen to be the “main” screen (i.e. have  
> the origin of the coordinate system), when connected.
I'll give it a try next time ..
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