[TxMt] Changing look of Markdown docs

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Fri May 11 08:59:00 UTC 2007

On 8. May 2007, at 12:52, Nigel Green wrote:

> [...]
> Is it possible to change the way headings are recognised? In  
> particular I would like to have the following:
> ## Heading 1 {
> Some text  in here...
> }
> ## Heading 2 {
> Some text in here...
> }
> [...]
> Means I get all the headings recognised correctly. Both versions  
> above are recognised and converted to HTML correctly by the  
> Markdown.pl script so I presume the highlighting is down to the  
> language grammar? I looked at it and tried to change it myself but  
> broke all the other formatting as well so think I need some  
> professional input on this one!

If Markdown recognizes the above (as it does) we should fix the grammar.

Recent Markdown beta also made a slight change to how links are  
recognized, so I am going to update the grammar shortly, just waiting  
for John to classify a few new problems (with his latest beta) as  
either bugs or by design, so I know how to update syntax highlighting  
for these ;)

> I know its not a life-changing query but I'd like to understand the  
> language grammar stuff better and this looks like a good starter  
> project!!

The Markdown grammar is IMO quite nicely structured and all, but it’s  
also pretty hardcore, because it has some monster regexps and it  
“hides” some implicit Markdown rules about when which block level  
element breaks a paragraph etc.

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