[TxMt] Re: Move blocks of text using "Go To Symbol"?

Dave Baldwin dave.baldwin at 3dlabs.com
Fri May 11 07:38:37 UTC 2007

If you fold your code then you can just drag and drop the folds  
around.  Not quite what you want especially as latex doesn't fold  
cleanly unless you add extra fold markers (AFAIK), and nothing like  
as powerful as rearranging things in a true outliner, but may be good  


On 11 May 2007, at 04:45, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Jenny Harrison wrote:
>> I live in the latex bundle, but this feature request may be  
>> relevant to others.  I would like to be able to move blocks of  
>> text in the latex file by simply moving corresponding headers in  
>> the "Go to Symbol" sidebar.   This would replace my need to use  
>> OminOutliner to organize material.   (There seems to be no  
>> satisfactory way to port a Latex file from TextMate into  
>> OmniOutliner without a great deal of hand work.)
> Glad you put this up in an email.  After you chatted with us at  
> Macworld about it, I did mention it to haris and allan. :)
> It would be nice to solve more generally than just for LaTeX, if  
> possible.
> -Jacob
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