[TxMt] Tiny bug in Bundle Editor

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed May 9 07:26:18 UTC 2007


I found a tiny bug (resp. 'evil' pitfall) in the bundle editor.

I opened the bundle editor, went to a command 'A' and pressed CTRL 
+APPLE+E for "Edit in TextMate". OK.
Then I looked for a code snippet in an other command 'B' using the  
bundle editor. I copy&pasted it. Fine. But then I saved my changes.  
TM wrote my stuff back in that command which was active in the bundle  
editor (in my case command 'B'!, not 'A' which I actually was editing).

Well, TM wrote it back to command 'B' but the bundle editor didn't  
save it fortunately, and command 'A' was unchanged. The tricky thing  
only is that all my changes are gone because I also closed my editing  

Would it be possible that TM remembers the command which I actually  



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