[TxMt] Re: Spell checking using Google

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Thu May 3 19:42:46 UTC 2007

Allan Odgaard wrote:
>> - If a text is selected meaning at least one space is in it the 
>> command only returns a snippet of misspelled word without any changes. 
>> After that you can navigate with TAB through the snippet (misspelled 
>> words) and if you find a really misspelled word you can invoke the 
>> command again and so forth.
> Yes, this is probably a desired behavior most of the time.

Hmm, two points about "invoke the command again and so forth."

1. I believe google's spellcheck takes the context of the word into 
account when deciding what the correct word is.  So popping up a list 
only for particular words is probably not the greatest idea.

2. As soon as a command is run on one of the tab stop misspelled words, 
all the other snippet tab stops are lost.

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