[TxMt] XCode - Clickable error messages

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu May 3 11:51:49 UTC 2007

On 3. May 2007, at 06:44, Chris Thomas wrote:

>> Returning to this subject… the way we deal with it in ScriptMate  
>> is by setting a TM_FD variable for the process we launch. This  
>> process can then write HTML to that file descriptor, which will be  
>> shown as-is (i.e. interpreted) in the HTML output window.
> It's an interesting idea. High-bandwidth logging. What if the HTML  
> from the app is corrupt, though? Could screw up rendering, and  
> there's no way to isolate bad HTML within a larger page context.  
> Could do simple validation (checking for correct node nesting), I  
> suppose.

I think it’s the responsibility of the sending app to guarantee valid  
HTML, similar to how we also expect it to send valid UTF-8 sequences  

>> This does put a higher burden on the program which wish to have  
>> clickable errors, OTOH it allows for nicer formatting of the  
>> output (which is often possible when we’re dealing with stack dumps).
> If you have control over the format of the stack trace, why not  
> make it conform to «file»:«line»(:«column»)?:«error>>?

Mainly for the nicer presentation. But I guess moving presentation to  
the app which produce the stack dump (or similar) is not an ideal  
design decision.

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