[TxMt] Re: Improvements to Objective-C Bundle

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu May 3 03:56:34 UTC 2007

On 3. May 2007, at 05:03, Nithin Reddy wrote:

> Yeah, I knew about that. It doesn't work right. If you have /* */
> comment in the block of code you are commenting then it will won't
> comment out everything after that /* */ comment.

Yeah, /* … */ doesn’t nest, that’s really a language  
limitation — for this reason I am using // as the primary comment  
character, since that nests nicely.

The default for C and Objective-C was having /* … */ as primary, but  
I just changed that. FYI this is a preference in the C bundle.

> Plus, how do you undo it when you want to uncomment the code?

It is a toggle. I.e. just hit ⌘/ again.

> Actually how do others disable parts of the code they are not
> intersted in having executed? I would assume it is a common problem,
> either that, or I am the only one who doesn't trust their own code.

With // as the primary comment character, I think you’ll find ⌘/  
nicer, as you can then comment partially commented regions.

But I often make use of #if 0 … #endif to disable code in C. This  
also nests nicely and TextMate will render the disabled part as a  
comment, and it allows you to use #else, for example:

     #if 0
       // old code
       // new code

Now you can just change 0 to 01 (or just 1) to switch from the new  
code back to the old vice versa.

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