[TxMt] LaTeX bundle and the exam package

David F. Snyder ds08 at txstate.edu
Tue May 1 07:22:18 UTC 2007


I am hoping someone has solved this problem.

I use latekmk.pl script as $TM_TEX_COMPILER to compile my LaTeX documents
from within Textmate and it works wonderfully on every document I've made,
except for any document that uses the exam package.

The problem is small: I must execute cmd-R twice to get it to compile the
number of points correctly. This is only a problem within Textmate; if I run
the script from the command line it works perfectly. And while it is a small
problem it is vexing, since latexmk.pl was made specifically to deal with
the need to run LaTeX etc. multiple times.

My guess is that there is a bug in either cmd-R  (though I can't find one)
or somewhere in the bowels of Textmate.

Seeing as how I used this package frequently, almost daily, I'm guessing
that this need to cmd-R twice will cost me about an hour and a half of my
life in the coming year.

Best wishes

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