[TxMt] keep it in iso-8859-1

Philip Hofstetter phofstetter at sensational.ch
Fri Mar 30 12:16:19 UTC 2007


On 30.03.2007, at 13:59, Danny Krøger wrote:

> When I paste this into the before mentioned document in Textmate,  
> the whole document changes to UTF-8. Because of this when I save it  
> and upload it, all the dansih letters becomes garbage text (because  
> it tries to open it as a iso-8859-1 as I have specified).
> The same thing happens in Textmate if i try reopen it as iso-8859-1

I'm seeing exactly the same problem here. It's as if Textmate was not  
able to encode some of the characters into latin 1 - probably because  
even they look like their lat1-counterparts, they are some special  
unicode representations.

TextMate should warn the user though if it cannot encode the document  
into the currently selected character encoding.


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