[TxMt] Re: Context Bundle

Patrick Gundlach textmate at contextgarden.net
Mon Mar 19 23:39:17 UTC 2007

Hello Paul,

> Context. The LaTeX bundle is very nice, though the ConTeXt bundle
> doesn't seem to have a way to typeset the resulting file (at least as
> far as I can see.)

Is there a ConTeXt bundle out there already? I once posted one on
contextgarden.net, but this was long ago.

> Is anyone is working on a ConTeXt bundle similar in functionality to
> the LaTeX bundle?

Yes. But the LaTeX bundle seems to be extremly powerful and I am
nowhere close to there.

I'll give a talk on the ConTeXt bundle next weekend in
Epen/Netherlands. Until then I will enchance it a lot and post it to
the ConTeXt mailing list. (And here, if anyobdy is interested.)


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