[TxMt] Re: Getting started with the Perforce bundle?

Daryl Spitzer daryl.spitzer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 23:15:37 UTC 2007

I just noticed that Perforce->Open for Editing works (but
Perforce->Diff With Base still doesn't).  I see in the Bundle Editor
that Open for Editing is a simple shell script (that just does `p4
edit`) but Diff With Base is a Ruby script that requires 'p4_diff' and
calls "Perforce::diff_active_file()".  So the error message I get may
be misleading.

I wonder if I need to install the Perforce Ruby API separately.


On 3/19/07, Daryl Spitzer <daryl.spitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm new to TextMate, but after reading James Gray's book, I'm eager to
> become a "power user"...
> I installed the Perforce bundle (using the GetBundle bundle) and just
> tried it for the first time.  I selected Perforce->Diff With Base with
> a file open that I've already ran `p4 edit` on in the command-line,
> and I get:
> Perforce client error:
>         Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT.
>         TCP connect to perforce failed.
>         perforce: host unknown.
> I double-checked that $P4PORT is set properly, and I can run Perforce
> fine from Terminal (and from BBEdit).  Do I need to do something else
> to setup the bundle?  (Is there a way to find documentation for
> bundles that I haven't found yet?)
> I also noticed that all the key equivalents in the Perforce bundle are
> "^$".  Is this a sign of some kind of problem?
> --
> Daryl

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