[TxMt] calling Vim switchers

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 6 23:38:05 UTC 2007

Hi TextMate Vim switchers (also BBEdit, Emacs, XCode, Eclipse, etc. 

I find that Vim users find the transition to a new editor much more 
difficult than switchers from other editors.  This speaks highly of 
Vim's power, flexibility, and efficiency: there are aspects of its use 
that are very hard for users to give up, and parts of Vim that work much 
more efficiently than the equivalent TM features.

So, I ask that you come together to fill out this wiki page:


So that when the (not infrequent) question comes up from a Vim user 
about why to use TextMate instead, there will be some resource to point 
her at.  I think it would be great to put tips, tricks, maybe some 
thoughts about what TextMate could do better to meet the needs of those 
used to powerful Vim features that can't quite be emulated.  The goal 
should be to (preferably in this order):

1. Convince Vim users that TextMate is worth trying.
2. Help Vim users through aspects of the editor that are likely to trip 
them up.
3. Figure out how Vim features can inform new TextMate commands, etc.

Note, former users of other apps can make other subpages from this top 
level page:


It might be nice to put together a page for general Windows switchers as 
well, with tips like how to get home/end key bindings working (that blog 
post of Allan's), etc.


The wiki could probably use some general info for new users.  Many 
tutorials and tips have been posted around on various blogs, but it 
would be nice to consolidate and clarify some of this information, and 
put it somewhere where it can be kept up to date.

Note: the wiki can use markdown syntax by wrapping a page in 
(:markdown:) and (:markdownend:)


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