[TxMt] POLL: HTML CodeSense?

Jasper van der Meulen jasper at logt.nu
Tue Jul 31 23:55:54 UTC 2007

I'd think i like it ..and would use it..sounds great to me....
Would it also be possible to make when you type a char the list  
shrinks ?

Regards J.

On Aug 1, 2007, at 01:18 , Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) wrote:

> Ahoy.
> I've been thinking about doing a smart codecompletion thing for HTML.
> Then maybe CSS too.
> The way it would work would be similar to how CSSEdit and  
> Dreamweaver code completion works.
> Inside of an HTML tag, you hit space to bring up a list of  
> attributes that are valid for that tag.
> Outside of an HTML tag you hit a key command or tab completion to  
> bring up a list of tags.
> Also, it should be smart enough to insert xhtml tags or html4.0 tags  
> depending on the doctype.
> Pretty simple really, but I'm not sure if people really want me to  
> share this or just do it for myself.
> So, if you would use such a feature, please reply to this message.
> Please also reply with what other features you'd like to see in this.
> thanks
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