[TxMt] Re: key binding blues

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 30 04:57:12 UTC 2007

This is somewhat related but more general. It would be really nice if,
for any bundle (or for all as a whole) there was some easy way of
generating a web page or equivalent listing _everything_ in the
bundle(s). And if the bundle editor allowed authors to associate quick
textual descriptions of bundles items that (if present) would print out
along with the bundle dump.

I certainly find that my biggest problem with TextMate is simply finding
out what is offered by bundles, and how to use those features.


Darren Hardy wrote:
> The main problem with the current setup is that bundles that have 
> keybindings *without* a scope are problematic -- they override my key 
> bindings and are not easily findable. I don't have as many problems 
> with key bindings that are defined within a specific scope because 
> they are easy to find and change. I would prefer that either my key 
> bindings dict override everything else. Or that you change your 
> conventions (in Help 16.4) that any Control+key or Control-Shift+key 
> is reserved for text editing or user's choice stuff.
> Thanks,
> -Darren
> On 25 July 2007, at 4:32 PM, Jacob Rus wrote:
>> Allan Odgaard wrote:
>>> On 25. Jul 2007, at 22:06, Darren Hardy wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>> my question is how do i ensure that my keybindings override 
>>>> everything? for example, TextMate uses ^h in lots of different 
>>>> bundles and i have to hand-edit a dozen different bundles to change 
>>>> ^h to something else. (i thought control- functions were reserved 
>>>> for user stuff?).
>>> It is, but we mandated that after ⌃H was already in widespread use. 
>>> I am afraid that you’ll need to change all the bundles which use ⌃H.
>>> I am aware that this is tedious, and a future version is likely 
>>> going to provide an alternative.
>> For the record, I very much hope that some other keystroke is 
>> substituted for ⌃H in TM2, so that ⌃ + letters can be preserved for 
>> users’ personal stuff. :)
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