[TxMt] TrueType with embedded bitmap fonts

Tobias Jung newsgr at tobiasjung.net
Thu Jul 26 10:03:48 UTC 2007


probably this not even is a TextMate problem, but I want to make sure 
that it's not before I spend hours of research what I'm doing wrong...

I know that some of you, just like me, use ProFont as editing font in 
TextMate (and I'm talking about the original pre-OSX version, not 
ProFontX). ProFont includes the font outlines as well as bitmap 
versions for some sizes; as far as I can see TextMate uses this 
bitmap versions for screen display.

In the days of the classic MacOS, those bitmap versions were stored 
in the resource fork of the file; but nowadays it's possible to 
create a TrueType font with embedded bitmap fonts which are stored in 
the data fork. I've been using FontForge [1] to create such a font, 
but when using this font in TextMate, it clearly does NOT use the 
bitmapped version but rather the outlines which are somewhat fuzzy at 
small sizes.

So I guess that I'm doing something wrong when I create the ttf file 
from FontForge, but this is what I want to make sure: Does TextMate 
support such "TrueType with embedded bitmap" fonts or will it always 
use the outline no matter what I do?

Kind regards,

[1] http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/

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