[TxMt] opening a file readonly

Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Thu Jul 19 15:30:40 UTC 2007

Cliff Pruitt wrote:
> Well, you can mark the file itself as being read-only which will apply
> system wide and you wont be able to save it.
> If you're wanting to actually prevent being able to modify the open
> document then I'd say probably no.  TextMate is a "text editor" by
> definition so you'd not really expect to find an option that removes the
> ability to edit.
> I'f you're wanting a strict text-reader, why specifically are you you
> using TextMate?  Is there maybe a better tool for what you're trying to do?

I think you've missed the point Cliff. There are all sorts of reasons
why you'd want to open a document read-only. Other editors have great
r/o support (vim/gvim springs to mind). In general just because you
don't want to change the document doesn't mean you don't want to work
with it in a familiar user interface will all the syntax highlighting,
clever selection modes, folding etc that TextMate brings.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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